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  • Summer Houses

    We specialise in high quality, comfortable and stylish garden houses. We are innovators in aesthetic design and aim to offer you the highest quality practical and modern designs to suit your every need.

    We offer, at your request, additional insulation, outer varnish, guttering, various types of roofing (metal, slate, shingles) and damp-proofing.

  • Garden sheds

    Our garden sheds will fit perfectly into even the smallest gardens. We design them bearing in mind their aesthetic appeal and also their functional practicality. They are a perfect place to store garden equipment, tools and fire wood.

     You can generate extra space by ordering the addition of a log store, extra storage space for bikes or garden utilities, or a terrace.

  • Gazebos

    One of our wooden gazebos has the potential to completely transform your garden. It is the ideal place to spend time in, it’s unique atmosphere generating calm and a place for reflection. Our wooden gazebos are made from the highest quality raw materials, making them brilliant protection from wind and rain. They are ideal for spending a moment of solitary calm and a unique and memorable place to entertain guests, in late Summer evenings and then throughout the rest of the year.

  • Wooden Summer Cabins

    Our wooden summer cabins are unique in their unmatched character. They are unrivalled in their beauty and distinguished by their extraordinary ability to retain heat.

     Using our years of experience and the most modern technology, we aim to provide you with a house which is unparalleled in it’s beauty and which nevertheless retains a timeless traditional appeal.

     Our wooden summer cabins are finished to the best possible standard using the highest quality materials, according to British building regulations. 

  • Garden decorations

    It is widely known that the details are very important. Furnishing the garden is worth remembering the decorations. We offer wooden planters, bridges, wells, windmills, pergolas, feeders, and comfortable hammocks, baskets and swings.

  • Children's zone

    We offer wooden playgrounds and playhouses in a variety of colours, sizes and styles, made from the highest quality materials. A garden playground would provide children with endless entertainment and enjoyment, whilst simultaneously ensuring the peace of mind of grown ups looking after them. Children will be able to enjoy themselves in an authentic, natural surrounding and you will finally be able to catch a breath and relax in the fresh air.

  • Wooden garages & carports

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  • Wooden Kiosk

    Our wooden kiosks are ideally suited for people running food stalls or offering wares in a festival or street market. We understand the need for excellent aesthetic and strive to create designs to appeal to the eye. Durability and good quality are also of the highest importance and this is why we only use the best quality materials and finish in all our designs. 

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Showing 1 - 18 of 98 items