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We specialise in high quality, comfortable and stylish garden houses. We are innovators in aesthetic design and aim to offer you the highest quality practical and modern designs to suit your every need.

We offer, at your request, additional insulation, outer varnish, guttering, various types of roofing (metal, slate, shingles) and damp-proofing. 

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£ 7.500,00

  • Waiting time 6 - 8 weeks


Więcej informacji

Length x Width 3 x 3m + 2m tarrace
Perimeter 15m2
Habitable surface area 8,39m2
Floor surface area 8,39m2
Height of side walls/ perpendicular height of gable 2,20m / 3,25m
Angle of roof slope 25°
Number of doors/ windows 1 / 3
Thickness of outer timber panel 16mm 

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