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OMEGA Urban Table

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OMEGA Urban Table

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  • Spruce
  • IROKO - natural only
  • Ash


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OMEGA urban table version L = 150 cm
OMEGA urban table version L = 200 cm


length: 150/200 cm
Height: 75 cm
width: 73 cm
Weight: approx. 45-55 kg
Materials: Steel - wood


Steel: For the manufacture of our products, we use better quality profiles and steel sheets made of cold rolled steel. However, we do not use typical, cheaper structural steel.
Galvanized carbon steel, powder coated with polyester paint on one of 10 selected colors from the RAL color palette.
Stainless steel: AISI 304 steel, finished with a fine cut.

Wood: All wooden elements made of European wood are protected by triple painting: once by a layer of protective primer and twice by surface paint. Wooden slats are protected with REMMERS specialized water based paints. Painting of wooden surfaces is carried out by uniform application of paint layers by pressure method. There are 6 colors available from the SWS color palette

Wooden elements made of exotic wood are protected by double oiling with specialist oils based on a mixture of vegetable oils dedicated to hard exotic woods.

Installation to the ground: anchoring to the ground with screws.

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